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Electroplating additives Series products
A.Copper plating additives (acid copper, alkali copper, Jiao Tong) series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-701A Copper sulfate brightener 210A 0.3-1.5CC/L It is suitable for general electroplating and electroforming. It has better plating effect and stronger plating power. Good dispersion, good corrosion resistance, excellent filling, high brightness, and plating bath. Stable, high tolerance, simple maintenance and easy operation
HAR-701B Copper sulfate brightener 210B 0.3-1.5CC/L
HAR-701C Copper sulfate brightener 210C 2-6CC/L
HAR-702 Red bronze brightener 3-6CC/L It is suitable for pre plating, simple operation and simple operation
HAR-703 Coke copper phosphate brightener 3-5CC/L High concentration, wide working current, deep plating

B.Nickel plating additives (bright nickel, semi bright nickel, chemical nickel) series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-704A High-performance nickel brightener 0.4-1.2CC/L Low consumption, quick light, good leveling, suitable for rolling and hanging, more suitable for high nickel chloride plating solution, shorten electroplating time, increase production, uniform coating, bright white and soft gloss, stable plating bath, high tolerance of impurities; suitable for hardware functional and decorative electroplating
HAR-704B High-performance softener 4-12CC/L Wide scope of application, good flexibility of coating,and low-potential trend
HAR-705A Rolling nickel brightener 0.4-1.2CC/L It has good tolerance, low stress and high speed, especially for barrel plating
HAR-705B Rolling nickel softener 4-12CC/L Good low-level stress and flexibility and wide scope of application
HAR-706 Pinhole preventing agent 1-4CC/L Also known as the wetting agent to eliminate pinholes generated by organic impurities
HAR-707 Lron remover 1-4CC/L To be directly added inti plating sulution for deposition of iron impurities,with no fitration but easy operation
HAR-708 Copper remover 0.1-0.2CC/L To effectively remove copper impurities in plating solution, even below 5PPM
HAR-709 Impurity removal solution 0.1-0.2CC/L To be directly added into plating solution to remuve zinc,copper and other impufities
HAR-711 Nickel-based valley removal agen 0.5-1.0CC/L To enhance medium/low-level leveling preformance and achieve good leveling effects
HAR-712A Chemical nickel deposition additive 50-80CC/L Application to iron, copper and various kinds of alloy, with high tolerance of impurities. Bright and uniformcoating.color close to stainless steel and excellent physical and chemical properties
HAR-712H Chemical nickel deposition additive 50-80CC/L
HAR-712M Chemical nickel deposition additive 140-160CC/L

C.Chromium plating additive and post treatment agent series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-713 Chromium changing agent 20-40CC/L To enhance the coverage of decorative chromium and be used with various kinds of chromium palting solution
HAR-714 Chromium mist prevention agent 1-4CC/L To effectively inhibit the overflow of chromium mist and avoid adverse effects on plating solution
HAR-715 Chromium salt 100G/L Including chromiunchanging agen;single use and easy operation
HAR-716 Black chromium salt 360-460G/L Including chromiunchanging agen;single use and easy operation
HAR-717 Black chromium additive 5-15G/L To make the coating black and bright; applicable to decorative electroplating with special requirements

D.Galvanization additive and post-treatment agent series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-718A Potassium series acidic zinc brightener 0.8-1.5CC/L Suitability for rolling and sagging, high brightening speed,good gloss and smoothness softener
HAR-718B Potassium series acidic zinc softener 20-40 CC/L No toxicity, uniform coating,wide scope of gloss,high tolerance of impurities and simple wastewater treatment
HAR-719 alkalinity no-cyanide zinc brightener 1.0-3.0 CC/L Environmentally friendly; good gloss,white coating and suitability for rolling and sagging
HAR-720 alkalinity zinc cyanide galvanization brightener 1.0-3.0 CC/L Suitability for rolling and sagging, good gloss, white cotaing ,excellent performance;particularty suitable for low-cyanide galvanization
HAR-721 Zinc post-treatment agent:bluing solution 20-50 CC/L Gentle and attractive sky blue color ,goog corrosion resistance and easy operation
HAR-722 Zinc post-treatment agent: colorful solution 20-50 CC/L Bright color,good uniformity, high corrosiom resistance and easy operation
HAR-723A SIlver nitrate series blackening agent A 50-60 CC/L Good blackness, uniform color,high gloss and applicability to special process
HAR-723B SIlver nitrate series blackening agent B 10-12 CC/L Good blackness, uniform color,high gloss and applicability to special process
HAR-723C SIlver nitrate series blackening agent C 30-35 CC/L Cutting solution after blackening to increase gloss

E. Tin plating additive series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-724A Acidic bright-tin cylinder opening agent 32-35CC/L Stable palting solution,easy control,bright coating and wide scope of current density.Applicable to rolling ang sagging on ciruit boards and ohter elecrtonic products
HAR-724B Acidic bright-tin auxiliary agent 1-5CC/L
HAR-724C Acidic bright-tin cylinder 250-300CC/KAH
HAR-725A Tin fluoborate cylinder opening agent 15-20CC/L In addition to general rolling and sagging, particularly applicable to high-speed continuous electroplating of wires
HAR-725B Tin fluoborate additive No required in cylinder opening
HAR-725C Tin fluoborate brightener 15-20CC/L
HAR-726 Pure tin matte brightener 40-50CC/L Single type and easy control; special for negative process of circuit board
HAR-727A Quick bright lead-tin stripper A 100 portions Double components, high stability, no damage to copper bottom, high remuval speed, long service life and low cost; applicable to manual soaking or spraying
HAR-727B Quick bright lead-tin stripper B 2 portions

F.Precious metal series
Model Name Range Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-728 Neutral liquid gold 250-500CC/L High hardness, good wear resistance, stable plating solution, low cost and adjustable thickness
HAR-729 Gold stabilizer 0.5-1.0CC/L To effectively remove impurities and stabilize the color

G.Antique series
Model Name Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-730 Bronze dying coffee solution (antique bronze solution ) Light blue-green odorless acidic solution; used for coloring at room temperrature to produce the antique bronze, coffee and dark brown color; used in lighting and other industries
HAR-731 Copper greening agent Dark blue alkali liquid; to adjust the PH value and produce the blue, green and copper green color; used in lighting and other industries
HAR-732 Curing agent Use for enclosing protection after the workpiece is made copper-green, high transparency and good adhesion

H、Other electroplating supporting product series:
Model Name Characteristic & Purpose
HAR-701 Black nickel salt Nickle-tin alloy
HAR-702A Nickel-removing powder above Iron Quick nickel and copper removal, no damage to substrate, easy operation.
HAR-702B Nickel-removing powder above Copper Quick nickel removal, no damage to substrate, easy operation.
HAR-703 Hanger stripper To remove nickel, copper, chromium, etc. on various hangers by means of quick electrolysis to maintain good properties of hangers
HAR-704 Bronze salt Used in brass plating for decoration; to form a bright brass coating on bright nickle or copper; easy operation.
HAR-705 Alternative gold For plating to form the gold color; stable solution, easy operation and low cost.
HAR-706 Bronze electrolysis protection powder To produce a transparent protective layer on bronze or silver-plated parts to prevent corrosion and maintain the color.
HAR-707 Double-component copper chemical polishing additive Excluding nitrate and chromium icons; no yellow fume or heavy metal hazards; high polishing efficiency and low cost.
HAR-708 Single-component copper chemical polishing additive Simplecomposition, table bath solution, long service life, low cost; no nitrate or yellow fume hazard.
HAR-709 Solid acid (Acid salt) Composite acid salt, fast, uniform and complete removal of rust and oxide film; no damage to substrate; long service life and easy operation.

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