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China Harvar Group Introduction

Guangdong-Hong Kong-Marco Greater Bay Area is leading the rapid development of China's economy with a vigorous pace. This is the center of the Great Bay area of Guangdong, Hongkong and Macao. Fusha industrial area in Fusha Town, Zhongshan, Guangdong, is the headquarters of Harvar group in China.China Harvar Group is a modern high-tech enterprise group engaged in the research and development, production and sale of fine chemicals such as PCB/FPC electronic chemicals. In August 8, 1996, the group was founded in the town of Songgang, Baoan District, Shenzhen. After 25 years' annual growth rate of 20%, The company's R & D capacity, production scale, sales network, salary and treatment ranks the forefront of the same industry in China. The forefront of the industry, relying on the platform, brand and scale advantages, as well as the technology research and development and support of the American Harvar Group Co., Ltd., enjoy the wisdom of the sky, and keep the people and its prosperity.

The main production of China Harvar Group were including: before the metal surface treatment agent series products, soldering flux series products, solder paste products, electroplating additives series products, chemicals for PCB/FPC manufacturing and other fine chemical products etc.

The products of China Harvar Group were mainly used in household appliances, information electronics, electroplating for plastics within hardware, chemicals for PCB/FPC manufacturing and the prevention and treatment for human cancer.
We had more than 400 customers distributed at home and abroad,with the major customers as Apple, DELL, Foxconn, HUAWEI, ZTE, Intel, Flextronics, Dr, Midea, GREE, Changhong, Galanz and and so on.

Guangdong harvar technology Park who was the China Harvar Group headquarters, had been put into operation on 1st June, 2006,which had 50 mu floor area, 50 thousand square meters onstruction area, and total investment of $100 million yuan. Guangdong harvar technology Park has two factories and a research institute which named Guangdong harvar factory NO.1 and Guangdong harvar factory NO.2. Guangdong Harvari and Guangdong Hafu No. 2 Factory have a total of 28 computer-controlled automatic production lines; Guangdong Harvar Institute has 18 different types laboratories, and each laboratory has a well-known professor of experts to project counseling and development. Guangdong Havar Technology Park has to absorb some outstanding technical personnel in the related industries, while was providing five star working environment for them, comfortable and beautiful living conditions.

Hubei harvar technology Park had been put into operation on 1st August, 2016, which had 200 mu floor area, and total investment of RMB 700 million. In the first project of chemicals for PCB/FPC manufacturing and other fine chemical plant will be output of up to RMB 1 billion on normal production every year. There will be good place where the China Harvar lofty dream will be landing, flowering, results.

China Harvar Group has won recognition from the society and the organization with excellent innovation ability,and passed the certification from CEPREI ISO9001:2015 Quality system and ISO14001:2015 environmental management system. China Harvar Group received the honor as follows: Certification of national high and new technology enterprises, Important scientific research project reward of Guangdong province, Guangdong metal surface treatment engineering technology research center, Municipal engineering technology research and development center of Zhongshan city, Technical center of township enterprises, Managing director unit of China electronic circuit association, Director unit of Guangdong board association, Member of Hongkong circuit board Association, Member of Taiwan circuit board association, Three enterprises with standardized production safety, National brand enterprise, New cutting-edge surface treatment award, Support educational undertakings, awards, etc. Many news media and magazines often reported the achievements in scientific and technological innovation for us.

Technology innovation is our most important mission of China Harvar. As in the past we will continue to climb to the top of technology, ensure and meet the ever-increasing customer product quality requirements. Guangdong Harvar Institute research the original world model named Micro alkaline chemical silver HAR-78 process; a new generation of the world's leading Harvar Band HAR-68G technology; the world's leading process lead-free soldering flux without halogen products; leading conductive polymer film technology leading domestic industry development direction of advanced environmental protection and energy conservation.

In order to enrich the amateur life of employees, we often held a variety of cultural and recreational activities, has also invested heavily built and imported rubber basketball field turf football field and other sports and entertainment facilities, so that they better relax, create better products and provide first-class service.

Quality platform of China Harvar Group has been developing continuously, now China Harvar Group business group as follows: HARVAR GROUP CORP.,US. Harvar technology international Co.,Ltd, Guangdong Harvar ChemoTech Inc. Guangdong Harvar Institute,Shenzhen Harvar Industrial Co., Ltd., Guangdong Harvar Electronics Co. Ltd., Suzhou Harvar Industrial Co. Ltd, Wenzhou Harvar Industrial Co. Ltd, Hubei harvar Biological Co. Ltd. etc.

Now we are striving to create, looking forward to the future, full of confidence. The China Harvar people inherits the glory and the dream, based on the above solid foundation, embody the core value of the concept of "honesty, diligence,i nnovation, win-win", dedicated to the pursuit of great and lofty Harvar Dream! Harvar higher, Harvar faster and Harvar stronger!

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