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In order to further curb the high incidence of telecommunication and network fraud crimes, strengthen corporate anti-fraud publicity, and improve the ability and level of corporate employees to prevent fraud, Harvar Group accepted the invitation of the Fusha Public Security Bureau to "send customers into the enterprise", and the police and enterprises practice the " The development concept of "people-centered" comprehensively enhances the employees' awareness of fraud and fraud prevention. On the afternoon of June 16th, the above-mentioned police station of Fusha Public Security Bureau went deep into our company to carry out a series of publicity activities on the theme of "Guarding the Money Bags and Building a New Era", focusing on creating "fraud-free factories and enterprises", and solidly promoting the "national anti-fraud" action.

At the site of the lecture, the policemen of the above-mentioned police station acted as the pioneers of anti-fraud propaganda, and conducted case-based defense against telecommunications and network fraud cases in their jurisdictions. Explain various forms of telecommunication network fraud such as online billing, online loans, impersonating the public prosecutor's law, "killing pigs", investment and wealth management, etc., reminding everyone to install and register the "National Anti-Fraud Center APP", and enable call alerts and SMS alerts, always be vigilant , keep in mind "do not transfer, do not trust, do not leak, do not click on links".

At the presentation site, anti-fraud leaflets and small gifts printed with anti-fraud slogans were also distributed to the employees present. The atmosphere was lively, and the employees listened carefully and actively participated. The employees benefited a lot and greatly improved their anti-fraud skills.

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